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Why Compare for Good?

Save money on the essentials so you can spend money on the things you want!

PLUS if you switch your electricity or gas we donate $30 to the Frogs on your behalf. Win win.


We'll never sell your information, and we won't bother you (unless you want us to). Your data privacy is a promise.


Fill in some basic details and we'll see if we can find any deals. If we do and you want to switch we'll do all the work for you.


We look for good deals and don't charge hidden fees. You're saving time and hopefully money and powering the Frog!

Power the Red Frog

Red Frog's mission is to provide a positive peer presence to young people. They're in the business of changing culture.

Red Frogs is a support program for young people from the ages of 13 - 30.

Red Frogs' recognises that the culture of young people is dominated by alcohol and that excessive consumption of alcohol and other substances can lead to dangerous and life-altering behaviours.

Therefore they've made it their mission to provide a positive peer presence in alcohol-fuelled environments where young people gather; educate young people on safe partying behaviours; and promote alcohol-free and/or diversionary activities that engage young people in these environments.

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Here's what we do

We have a very simple process: we'll compare prices on your energy and other bills and we will actively support the Frogs every time you switch. Our core business goal is to do good - and we do it like nobody else.

Step 1: We ask you for some basic details so we can compare prices and hopefully find you some deals on your electricity and gas.

Step 2: If we can help you become a legendary saver and you decide to switch and save, we'll do all the work.

Step 3: We donate $30 to Red Frogs every time someone switches electricity or gas because we want to do good and we think Red Frogs are awesome.