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If you could change the world with the flick of a light switch - would you?

Hey legend! Thanks for exploring further how you can use your energy bill to help Red Frogs do more good.

It's super simple - Compare for Good will donate $30 to the work of Red Frogs for every person who uses their free service to compare and switch to a better deal on their electricity and gas bills. That's a win/win!

Can you help us by using your energy for good?

How It Works

Register your phone number or you can call direct
Have a chat with the Compare for Good crew
They will see if they can save you money on your utilities
If you can save $$ and switch they will do absolutely everything for you and it's free
If you switch the Red Frogs get $30 donated to them in your name but at no cost to you


Of callers say the experience was great

5 mins

Average time of a call and no hassle - promise


That's a LOT of spew bags!

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The dog ate my homework... and other excuses:

Let's take this boring but necessary everyday expense and change the world with it. Use the power of little to join others to make a difference so the Frogs can help more people.